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What are the possible outcomes when a seasoned food and beverages industry professional with a keen appetite for diverse tastes and recipes, and a passionate chef with exquisite wisdom about food and beverages market rub shoulders? The most oblivious, and the weirdest, upshot would be a comprehensive cuisine solution platform of intercontinental savors.

They, with vast experience in distinct businesses, were united with one strong flavor, sourcing, preparing and serving delicious food for the gourmet. They wanted to consolidate and shape their unique and professional wisdom into an end-to-end, comprehensive and customized food solution provider.

We were well informed of the tastes, recipes, demands, and trends in the food and beverages industry around the globe.

A Man Preparing a Salad

Our Brands

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Delicious and Fresh brand is into retail premium range products which is ready to eat

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Rusingo - Taste of Chennai brings you traditional and authentic South style food products.

History Of Establishment

Pavilion Foods was transformed with their expertise and Incorporated in 1992, Pavilion Foods is one of the leading and trusted food solution providers in the Middle East.

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